HONG KONG – Many prayer needs!

Artwork by Ballzi Yau, a Hong Kong artist and missionary-in-training.

(This excellent material is submitted by multiple local Christian leaders in the prayer and mission movements. Please read and pray! Our lovely sisters and brothers in Hong Kong have endured much in the last year.)

The spread of COVID-19 in Hong Kong started in early January 2020. Hong Kong people realised it’s not just pneumonia, given that we experienced SARS in 2003 and 286 people were killed. Since then, Hong Kong people have been wearing facial masks when they are in public areas. In one time, when the supply of facial masks was low, people had to line up couple hours in order to get a box of 50 facial masks – marked up to ten times the price. Anger and frustration resulted.

In midst of anxiety, people connected friends from overseas to get facial masks. People didn’t keep these masks for themselves, but also helped low-income and underprivileged people, such as immigrants, homeless and refugees. Some organisations collected various sanitised stuff and mobilised Christians to reach the needy people. Some churches even ordered extra facial masks and distributed to their neighbourhood!

COVID-19 causes all schools to be closed. Students stay home to study online. People also work from home so as to reduce the possibility of community outbreak. Sunday service and fellowship groups move to online. Elderly Christians struggled to be online Christians, but still learn to be flexible in pandemic. Most community outreaches are stopped. All overseas mission trips are cancelled. The Christian church is taking this opportunity to reflect what should we do in a pandemic. Various online local seminars are taking places now.

The outbreak in Hong Kong so far is not severe, total confirmed cases is 1022 until 18 April. Only 4 died. People aware some countries in extremely difficult situations, people have no income or food when cities are locked down. How can Hong Kong Christians be the blessings to these countries?

Some Christians are raising funds for people to buy food in these countries. Hong Kong people know facial mask is essential for epidemic prevention, but people in some countries dislike wearing facial masks. It may indicate that one is sick or is associated with crime or terrorism. Christians are thinking in what way they can make DIY masks that people are willing to put on. Pray for wisdom for making DIY masks that help to prevent epidemic in other countries.


Hong Kong is in the midst of THREE STORMS.  While we are in the storm of pandemic with many other nations, Hong Kong has also been in non-stop social unrest (anti-extradition law protests) since June 2019, plus the storm of the ongoing China-US trade war. The combined impact of these three storms has brought much fear in terms of physical safety and health, as well as the deterioration of civic rights and economic stability.

1) Pray for the protection of Hong Kong and all countries and regions affected by the epidemic, so as to stop the epidemic and stop its spread.

2) Pray for the Lord to heal all infected lives, so that they can get proper treatment, increase their own resistance and eventually recover completely.

3) Pray for the peace, stability and freedom of Hong Kong. Ask the Lord to give wisdom to local governments and relevant personnel, so that they have full wisdom and ability to deal with the epidemic situation, coordinate all parties to implement effective policies to eliminate the epidemic.

4) Ask the Lord to protect and cover all medical personnel working day and night in the fight against epidemic for the well-being of Hong Kong’s people. Bless them with sufficient and good rest, and give them good health.

5) Bless Hong Kong citizens to care for each other and support each other in the epidemic, especially to allow grassroots citizens to receive appropriate help. Pray that the Lord will give them full peace in amidst restlessness, because the Lord is our greatest hope.

6) Pray also for church leaders, that they might bring love, care and justice in the midst of these three big storms currently afflicting Hong Kong.