CHINA – Pray For China (mobile app)

We have come to the end of our two weeks of praying for the most populous country in the world. With a country as huge as this, with so many issues to take to God in prayer, with so many Christians suffering persecution, with so many unevangelised people languishing without the Good News, with so many justices issues, with a growing missionary movement from China, there truly is a need for year-round prayer!

Meanwhile, on this last day of prayer for China, we ask you, in keeping with 1 Timothy 2:1-4, to pray for President Xi Jinping (and those whole govern this vast nation under his rule). May he lead with wisdom, justice, kindness, and compassion. May he learn from his mistakes, and turn from wrong thinking and actions, to become a better leader. May he treat all peoples with justice, including Christians, Uyghurs, Hui, expats, the poor, and vulnerable. And most of all, may he experience a life-changing encounter with the Risen Jesus!

We also want to commend to you the Pray for China website and mobile app, found at

It helps give a much better sense of the long history of Christianity in China, and pray for issues with understanding.

Of course, we want you to continue with us as we move to Chinese entities other than the People’s Republic. Then, in a few more days, we begin to truly hop all over the world and will cover every continent in the next few weeks!