Chile – Holy Week

More from Chile, from a missionary who has spent decades serving there. Pray:
1 That the vision for a national day of prayer for Chile during Holy Week might become reality and adopted nationwide across the denominations.
2 That the online church services, the global online prayer events, group Zoom conferences, etc., which are gathering and uniting the body of Christ in prayer might also reach to Chile and that there would be a good uptake of Chileans participating!
3 That the ministry of reconciliation and to those in prison might in Chile be blessed: reaching prisoners with the good news, ministering to the families of “the disappeared”, etc. (Chile’s tumultuous and pained political history means that there is a need for reconciliation and the healing of past wounds in this area)
4 That the CoVid-19 virus doesn’t get out of control among the most vulnerable: this includes those with other health conditions, the elderly, and those who are in prison in particular, especially those over 75 years old who are still incarcerated. (As with in other nations, letting them out of prison may save their lives, keeping them there might be a death sentence).
5 THANK GOD that there has been a pro-active and determined course of action taken by the Chilean government! This is in answer to prayer!