Chile Covid-19 prayer needs

CHILE: Today we pray for Chile, and we share some very current prayer points sent from a Chilean pastor for this beautiful nation:

This pandemic in Chile, Covid-19, now has 3737 infected and 22 deaths. The progressive advance of the contagion has produced different but huge changes in social, cultural and religiously speaking.

Socially, the goverment (Chile) has taken several measures. They have locked down some areas of the country completely, some others are partially closed. But now our area is in total quarantine. Besides, after 22:00 the country is in curfew.
They have also made actions for deprived people, giving them supplies, medicines and sending volunteers to their houses. Shelters are being raised for homeless people and some of the volunteers goes to the most vulnerable to prepare food and clean their houses, especially for the eldest ones.

Economically, the authorities are changing the laws for all the people here in Chile updating every day new statements about it. We are suffering a strong impact of recession (as the rest of the world) and many people have lost their jobs.
Also the smallest entrepreneurs have been especially affected by the lack of cash flow.

In public health, the measures are extreme. Health care professionals have been working 24/7 taking turns and using their strength to get the shift done and help our sick people.
Today, there were 18 deaths – almost all those affected are adults of advanced age. Most of them living in loneliness and lack of money. For this reason the goverment is helping them with all the measures I already mention in social point.

Religiously speaking, today our churches are not allowed to gather under any circumstances all this to prevent the spread of contagious. Because of it, many churches been needed to use technology to meet through the net. Services and Biblical studies are made by this tool. So this is the only way to gather with others. It is illegal for any congregation to gather until this catastrophe is under control and nowadays our brotherhood is getting used to it. The church must never stop. On the contrary, the church has to work harder now – it is imperative to spread the message to the Word with love and hope.

The consequences of this horrible pandemic now is getting stronger in our country. So we pray each day for our authorities that God gave them all the wisdom to lead the best way they can.

Churches are trying to keep helping with different strategies – especially through the power of prayer and the strength of our connection to God in unity together. The Church won´t stop praying and won’t stop sharing its message every day.
The church will announced the message of hope in Jesus’s protection. It’s been hard and difficult time for all of us, but we know with our Savior we’ll make it through.
Chile (and the world) has been facing the hardest time in this last year, but we trust in prayers of each brother and sister in the world.
Thanks for the prayer!

…He who dwells in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the almighty…