Cambodia – Covid-19 prayer needs

The spreading virus in Cambodia is still uncertain. Here are some points to pray for.

1- Cambodia health system is very weak, so the people seem not to trust government to be able to handle when the outbreak arrive. Pray for unity and especially it is a golden time for Christian to share faith and care at the moment.
2- 2/3 of Cambodian are in financial debts that they are not able to pay due to high inflation and high interest rates. At the moment, food prices are increasing a lot and especially that which is mostly imported from neighboring countries. This bring lots of hardship to those who are poor. And since yesterday there are hundred thousands of Cambodian just returned from Thailand due to the outbreak in Thailand. The Thai government announced that they are not able to treat foreigners for free if they have virus. We hope these young workers will not bring the virus to their village and bring more economic burden to the government.
3- All the school are closed, as most of the foreign teachers had return to their origin countries. Likewise, some Christian international schools are facing uncertainty about when they will be reopened, and not even sure if some missionaries and teachers will come back.
4- There are so many rumours and untrusted new circulation around the social media where most people get the news from, it will bring to the wrong decision and action.
5- The recovery after this will be very hard, pray that God will send His people to give wisdom and support to the government for His own glory. Like now, there is one E-School app that created by a local Christian group had been recommended by ministry of Education to use it to assist online school at the moment.