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Religion & Geography
Category Statistic
Continent: Europe
Capital: Amsterdam (administrative capital); The Hague (seat of government)
Population: 17,671,125
% Urban: 92.6 %
Population Under 15 Yrs: 15.9 %
Official Language: Dutch (Nederlands), Frisian. Many also speak English
Languages: 38
Literacy Rate: 98 %
Life Expectancy: 81.7 yrs (26/236)
HDI Ranking: 10 / 189
% Christian: 46.6 %
% Evangelical: 4.3 %
Largest Religion: Non-religious
% Largest Religion: 46.9 %
People Groups: 103
Least Reached People Groups: 24
% Unevangelized: 4 %


Title: Netherlands

Tier: 1

Type: country

Christianity in the Netherlands seems to have reached a low point. Its glorious history as a Christian nation includes ministry to refugees and Jews, and a long record of service in foreign missions. But secular society today turns its back on its Christian past. Less than 10% of the population now attend church weekly. The Netherlands leads the world in promotion of secular and New Age views or values. Few restrictions exist for drug use, deviant lifestyles, prostitution, euthanasia, and abortion. Half the nation’s church buildings are now either destroyed or converted for other uses such as bars and mosques. Pray for revival that restores the nation spiritually.

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