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Joshua Project and Operation World sync up!

We’re delighted to share that another example of collaboration between Operation World and Joshua Project is there for users to see. Usually such collaboration happens behind the scenes. The Unreached of the Day app/site (done by Joshua Project) has aligned its content to match with Operation World for 2022. In other words, the Unreached People Group featured each day in Joshua Project’s content will be – wherever possible – a group that lives in Operation World’s Country of the Day. How cool is that?! Our homepage now prominently features the widget from Unreached of the Day as well.

Collaboration between Joshua Project and Operation World dates back decades, when Patrick Johnstone (founder of Operation World), was instrumental in the composition and calculation of Joshua Project’s first lists of people groups. We still share useful data with one another, and our team leaders meet together regularly, along with other mission researchers, to update, encourage, and pray for one another. Joshua Project team members have used Operation World in their own prayer lives and research, and Operation World team members use Joshua Project similarly! Just one more example among thousands of Kingdom collaborations that quietly, faithfully, and effectively happen behind the scenes.