Romania – for the mental and spiritual health of a nation

From a Romanian Christian missionary

Romania has been strongly impacted by Covid in spite of the very restrictive measures that were implemented by the government from the early stages of the pandemic.

Because of our communist history, when the authorities of the state would impose measures on people without any explanations, some cities/towns of the country decided not to follow the instructions of the government and so the number of cases became unmanageable by the health care institutions. So far 5.535 people have died as a result, mostly elderly people or people who suffered from other conditions as well.

Some of the prayer points at the moment would be:

  • for wisdom for our authorities to make good decisions for the population.
  • for the hospitals to be well prepared for the cases that are rising alarmingly. (In the spring the hospitals were totally taken by surprise…)
  • for the most disadvantaged people – homeless, prostitutes, children living on the streets – to be able to survive what looks like an imminent second-lockdown.
  • for vulnerable people, especially children, who are hospitalized or need hospitalization/treatment for unrelated infections or conditions, and who find it impossible to receive treatment.
  • for the large evangelical community to show Christ-like character and initiative in their interaction with these categories of people, and with the authorities.
  • for the mental health and spiritual health of our nation who needs healing in so many aspects.

Thank you so much for praying for our country and for motivating others to pray for our nation. We need the prayers and appreciate them so much!