Nigeria – caring for the sick

From a conversation with a Nigerian Christian leader

The pandemic fell on a healthcare system already functioning at a weak point in terms of its healthcare delivery. While it is good the spread has not been as wide in Nigeria as in some Western countries, the system was unprepared to deal with this crisis.

The government did well to set up testing and treatment centres for Covid-19 patients. Unfortunately, this focus on the virus (and the stigma associated with it) has left the many patients suffering from other deadly diseases (typhoid, malaria, etc) without the care and treatment they need.

The country has also seen a notable increase in reports of sexual and gender-based violence during the time of lockdown.

Praise God that the Church has worked with others to provide humanitarian assistance during these difficult times – in some cases together with government organisations, and also independently.

  • Pray for Nigeria’s healthcare system to improve significantly in its ability to deliver care
  • Pray for help for all who are sick and suffering, and especially those unable to access the care they need
  • Pray for protection for all who are living with the threat of abuse in their homes or communities