Mauritania – pray for the believers

From a believer living and working in Mauritania

There was an initial effort to curb the spread of the virus by banning travel between regions for about 2 months. There were a few reported cases, mostly in the capital, but the population in general was very skeptical about whether or not COVID was real, and they resented the lockdown measures that impoverished many.

The government now says that there is no COVID in the country. Borders remain closed to all except commerce trucks bringing food from Morocco. The neighbouring countries of Senegal and Morocco have had many more cases. Mauritania does not have much of a tourism industry, so they are not really losing much by having the borders closed to visitors. Even though most people here would choose not to go to hospitals or get tested etc if they felt unwell, it does seem that the infection rate is very much lower here than in the West.

  • Thank God for that.
  • Pray also for mercy once the borders to Senegal and Morocco re-open as they will probably do before too long.
  • Pray for the few local believers here to have a witness of compassion, mutual support, freedom from fear of death, and faithful endurance.