Japan – for freedom from pressures and fears

From a Japanese Christian leader

Pray for the increasing patients of COVID-19

In the last 30 days, the number of daily cases increased from 100 to 980. Tokyo alone has reported 366 cases on July 23, a number that continues to rise exponentially. One pastor in Kanto region (which includes Tokyo) is infected and hospitalized in ICU.

Pray for the protection and healing of the patients. Pray for the doctors and hospital staff as they serve the patients despite a lack of rest.

Pray for the people who live in pressures and fears

As the number of cases decreased in May, the government started to reopen public activity centers. In June, most of the schools reopened. Teachers and kids are now rushing to recover from their delayed study pace. In the business area, most business people are now back at work, taking crowded trains to the office. People are feeling fear of infection while also feeling pressure from getting back to their normal life.

Pray for God’s mercy to liberate them from the fear of the virus and to replace it with a fear of the Lord and a knowledge for the people’s need for the Savior.