Italy – evangelicals united in prayer!

From an Italian Christian leader

The crisis provided many opportunities for the evangelical minority to overcome divisions, to shine as a testimony of the hope evangelicals have in God. 

The Italian Evangelical Alliance (EA) issued an appeal to all Italian evangelical churches, ministries, and believers, to join together on March 22nd, April 13th and May 2nd, to pray in unity, asking God to be revealed in this very moment. The response has been encouraging and we are not aware of a time in Italian history where there has been such a large representation of the Italian evangelical churches converging on a common prayer initiative. “Pentecostals, Reformed, Wesleyans, Baptists, Congregationalists, and others met at the feet of the Lord, united by the Holy Spirit”, quoted Giacomo Ciccone, President of the Italian Evangelical Alliance, describing the uniqueness of their first gathering.

Solidarity projects

The Italian EA has been also involved in a solidarity project for evangelicals in difficulty. The crisis is not just about health, but also economics. Many people lost their job and many families have to deal with poverty. The project named “A mustard seed in times of coronavirus” was launched. The aim is to support families and evangelical believers reported by local churches. A “mustard seed” that God can use to bring blessing to those most in need. 

Specific prayer concerns 

  • for the consolidation of the unity shown in this critical period among the leaders of the various denominations
  • for a parliamentary law on religious freedom that protects minorities and promotes an authentic pluralistic society
  • for those who will have to endure the economic consequences of this crisis, that it would be carried out with equity and justice, remembering the weakest and people in difficulty