India – For the Jammu & Kashmir region

From a contact in Jammu & Kashmir

The number of covid-infected people in Jammu & Kashmir has been rising by about 100 to 200 every day for the past few weeks, with some higher spikes in between.

The region has been making an effort in scaling up testing facilities. Hospitals have partly had some troubles with being relatively full, which is due to the fact that even asymptomatic or mild cases have to stay in a hospital or a “Covid Wellness Center” put up by the local government.

The Indian government has been trying to control the virus-situation through establishing “red zones” in areas in which people have tested positive. Inside red zones people are supposed to stay at home, and only essential services are allowed to operate. Outside red zones life has become normal again. Implementing the obligation to wear masks and maintain social distancing is basically impossible in the culture here.

Since the region has already experienced a four month lockdown for political reasons towards the end of last year and tourism had stopped since August last year, the economic challenges have increased for many families.