India – For the Church, especially the persecuted

As shared by an Indian Christian leader:

This time of lockdown has also been challenging for the church and pastors. Most of the Indian churches, except the more technologically advanced churches in the Metro cities, are not used to online connectivity.

The regular gatherings for prayers as congregations and weekly home gatherings is what keeps churches growing in India, especially in the rural regions, and this has been interrupted. Although pastors try to stay in touch through phone, the ‘touch’ and the ‘healing’ prayers during regular services are missed. Church finances are affected, especially as unemployment is on the increase. Pastors in rural communities will be affected most.

Amid the COVID crisis, the churches and Christians have been targeted by the right-wing groups. A 14-year-old Christian boy was lynched and buried in the forest in Odisha because his family recently started following Jesus. The right-wing group continue to maintain their propaganda against Christians, that churches are involved in forced conversion during the lockdown period.

Praise God:

Church has moved online, and powerful things have been happening through these meetings. There is greater interest in studying the word of God and prayer.

For the increased unity of the church during the crisis. Pastors/Leaders and believers across the country began to pray together regularly and organised national level online prayer meetings. 

Pray with us:

Pray for a new move of God in the nation.

Pray for wisdom for the leader to decide on the ‘right time’ for the churches to gather for worship without health threats.

We need to pray for our Christian family, especially those who are not able to connect online for worship and other discipleship initiatives during the lockdown, and those who are persecuted.