GUATEMALA – Listening to the Spirit

These prayer points come from a Guatemalan church leader.

1. Pray for the president and his cabinet, especially the ministers of Health and Economy, for strength and wisdom in making clear and timely decisions. For the congress, that it does transparent and beneficial legislative work for the country. For the judicial system that imparts justice that strengthens the rule of law in such complex moments.

2. Pray for those who have lost their jobs or means of subsistence: may God provide for them and grow generosity between the Christian church in Guatemala and the population to care for them.

3. Pray about the secondary effects of the crisis that we are seeing arise: anxiety, depression, emotional overload, overwork, intra-family problems, arrears in the education and personal development of our children.

4. Pray that the Church can understand what the Holy Spirit is telling us, teaching and asking us to review our actions and participation in the realities of the country during this pandemic.

5. Pray for the families affected by the disease – may God comfort those who have lost their relatives, provide access to health services and assistance to the families of the sick, and that the population can see and feel their suffering and can solidarity with them.