EL SALVADOR – Pray God’s mercy for a suffering nation

This material comes from a prayer network leader in El Salvador. It is obviously a nation that was dealing with political skullduggery, corruption, systemic poverty, rampant organized crime and gangs (Maras in local parlance), and more. May there be an outpouring of the Spirit to bring transformation to this land!

Our gratitude to Jesus Christ our Savior. El Salvador has reported 633 cases of COVID-19 and only 15 deaths so far.

Pray for UNITY among the Salvadorian people. The nation is divided in how the pandemic has been handled, causing chaos & confusion. President Bukele (who himself is a very controversial figure and whose Presidency have been divisive) has been accused of using Covid -19 as an excuse to abuse his power, considering him as a threat to democracy. El Salvador has suspended public transportation for 15 days, citizens will not be allowed to travel between jurisdictions unless they have a written document justifying their movement, residents will only be permitted to shop for groceries twice a week, containment center for returning travelers under restricted 30 days quarantine.

Pray for Salvadorians to follow Government restrictions. Culturally, our people do not obey, do not take measures, or follow quarantine restrictions since they do not believe in the severity of the virus. This subculture resists submission to the lock-down.

Pray for Governmental agreement among the three branches of power in handling the pandemic. The reaction to the pandemic in El Salvador has been politicized due to next year’s legislative and municipal elections. President Bukele was elected in 2019, defeating candidates from the two dominant parties, which had alternated in power for three decades since the end of El Salvador’s devastating civil war. President Bukele’s personal brand of populism has infuriated both the left and right causing a “political war” among the cabinet and legislators.

Pray for wisdom over President Bukele to do what is right at this time. He’s confronting opposition from both the legislative & judicial branches.  Pray for the political crisis due to the “Territorial Control Plan”.

Pray for the restoration of the economy in El Salvador. The nation will be under extreme poverty soon if businesses are not open. The vast majority of the people in El Salvador consume what they earn during that day. If there is no work, there is no food for their families. The resources that the government has provided are not enough. Bukele said if the scale of the outbreak drops substantially during the next 15 days, the country will be able to start reopening some businesses.

Pray for God’s peace within families shuttered indoors for weeks due to the government’s response to Covid -19. Domestic & child abuse cases have been reported in great scale.

Pray that thefts from commercial establishments will stop. Criminals have been stealing from closed stores and homes.

Pray for pastors to agree corporately on a plan, as led by God, to open the churches on the same day and with reasonable, sensible safeguards against spreading the virus. Megachurches need to be responsible following Covid 19 restrictions.

Pray for transparency & honesty in the distribution of international aid and loans for COVID-19 Emergency Response Project. Millions of dollars must be used to prevent, detect, and respond to the threat posed by COVID-19 and strengthen national systems for public health preparedness in El Salvador and NOT to enriched governmental officials.

Pray against the possibility of a conspiracy and plot of a coup d’etat against President Nayib Bukele such as is alleged to be plotted by the judicial system and political parties who are against Bukele’s Presidency.

Pray to STOP Maras’ murderous terror.  Corruption from previous administrations left the streets under gang/Maras  control. The Maras are growing in power, causing terror, violence, and extortion in El Salvador. There have been murders between gangs, even inside prisons. Mass arrests and overcrowded prisons is another issue.  The government’s severe treatment of Maras members in prison during the pandemic raised objections among public health and human rights advocates.

Pray for God’s intervention in El Salvador, for the outpouring of His Holy Spirit to bring repentance, increment of faith, to save the nation, for believers to find hope and purpose during the pandemic.