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Any future editions of Operation World. The changing way that information is consumed and interacted with, the increasing rate of change in most nations, the higher level of security and confidentiality for most frontier mission situations, the birth and growth of many excellent research and information services in the Church, and the changing expectations and demands of a global praying Church mean that Operation World must continually re-examine its role and purpose. Pray that this strategic ministry might have the wisdom to chart a future course that places it in a position to serve the global Church and to glorify Jesus.


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This current (7th) edition of Operation World in its various languages, formats, and derivative resources. Although likely the most widely distributed ever, there are huge swathes of the global Church who seek to pray for the nations, but do no have access to resources such as Operation World that would assist them in doing so. Moreso, the majority of Christians are unaware of or unmoved by the responsibility of the body of Christ to pray for fellow believers and for the unreached. May many of them take up the calling of intercession for the nations!

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Other language editions of Operation World resources. Current OW content exists in more than 10 languages, with work underway in several more. A number of these languages have little by way of prayer resources. Pray that these editions may be used by God to give a missions vision to growing churches around the world and to further enhance the developing global missions movement, especially in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Pray for the expeditious completion of the 8th edition of the OW book - a task requiring immense amounts of research!

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Digital media. This includes e-books, DVDs, and the OW website. But it goes beyond that to social media engagement as well, including the mobile app mentioned below. The possibilities of digital media are exciting - to enhance and enrich OW content and to keep it more interactive with users, but this requires significant resources, time and skills. OW has Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds, with more platforms on the horizon. Pray for new team members with skills to help develop these areas!

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Window on the World, and its predecessors, You Can Change the World and You Too Can Change The World had a beautiful impact on children and families, serving to challenge and stimulate them to pray for the world. A new version of Window on the World was published in 2018. Pray that, as a result, many might be called of God to serve as missionaries when the time is right. Pray that all these resources may put missions and prayer at the core of Sunday school curricula the world over!

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Pray for the World is an abridged, easy-English version of Operation World last published in 2015. There are tens of millions of faithful intercessors for whom English is a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th language, who cannot afford a $20 book, or who are not from literary cultures. We aim to distribute and translate this simpler and more accessible resource in many new countries, and into a dozen languages.

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The OW mobile app. It exists in English and German, with possibly other languages to come. The primary advantage of the app is its ability to be updated regularly with both new information and new features. May it find its way onto the devices of millions of believers!

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The army of helpers and informants around the world who have contributed to all previous volumes and projects. Pray that their ministries might be blessed, that trust be built between them and the Operation World team, and that the vital flow of information will continue - a necessity for future editions. It is easy for differences of culture, language, organization, operation, personality and even theology to create occasion for broken fellowship; we constantly pray the Lord's grace over all our dealings and communications. We are continually praying for new full-time team members, and constantly on the lookout for Kingdom-minded contacts in every country to help us with gathering and checking information. Might one of them be you?

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Content taken or adapted from Operation World, 7th Edition (2010) and Pray for the World (2015). Both books are published by InterVarsity Press. All rights reserved.