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Uganda works hard to recover from many years of war, violence, and heavy-handed government. Pray for peace within the troubled region and the nation. The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) was an occult-powered militia group that spread terror and committed countless evils in the region. While their threat is greatly reduced, the violence and trauma they caused has left many traumatised. Many Christian NGOs and ministries provide aid, shelter, counselling, spiritual ministry, and education. Pray for God’s people to be at the heart of the nation’s restoration.


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Uganda's battle with AIDS massively reduced cases, from 25% in 1992 to below 10% in 2001. The government and churches bravely and successfully worked to achieve this reduction, largely on a platform of abstinence and fidelity but moving toward encouraging condom use. A debate now rages over the validity of these reduced percentages and a resurgence of HIV cases; some allege infection rates are rising. Pray that all ground gained in this battle might be consolidated by right belief and right lifestyles. Even with the progress made, millions still suffer or are bereaved. Churches and agencies are doing much in AIDS support and education (Christian AIDS Network, ACET, CMS, YWAM, SU - Aid for AIDS) and in care for orphans (Watoto Childcare, PAoC/Pentecostal Assemblies).

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The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) spread terror and has committed countless atrocities, having evolved over 20 years into little better than an occult-powered militia group. Its predation displaced nearly two million people and has taken more than 120,000 lives. Pray for the complete dissolution of any remnant, for the resettlement of all who were displaced, and for the restoration and healing of all those - especially children - who were victims of their terror.

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Major ministry challenges for the Ugandan Church:

  • Young people's ministry is fundamental to rebuilding the country in the wake of AIDS and the LRA devastation. Pray for the extensive ministry of SU in schools and for FOCUS(IFES) and Life Ministry (Cru) on university/tertiary campuses; evangelism, discipleship and training are the main ministries. Pray also for effective youth programmes in churches.
  • Children in crisis. Numbing poverty deprives many children - including up to two million orphans - of care, finances for education and hope. Pray especially for street children, who are most numerous in Kampala (AIM, Viva, others), and for children in the north.
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Missions vision in the Ugandan Church. A large, strong church that has endured suffering, combined with Uganda's geographical position next to several needy nations, make mission potential enormous. But this potential is still largely untapped due to lack of awareness and structures. Few Ugandan cross-cultural ministries exist; UEMA (Uganda Evangelical Missions Agency), African Initiative for Mission Service, Here Is Life and Life Ministries Uganda (Cru) are notable ministries raising the profile of cross-cultural mission sending. Pray for many Ugandans to be called, trained and sent. Kampala Evangelical School of Theology, Africa Bible University, Reformed Theological College, Uganda Christian University and other theological colleges have missions degree programmes.

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The growing challenges of other religions.

  • Muslim numbers and influence are quickly growing. Politicized Islam is increasingly common in the Islamic population, and Arab states have poured large sums of money into education and Islamic infrastructure. Muslims are a minority in many peoples, but the Kakwa, Aringa and Madi peoples in the northwest and the Soga in the southeast have significant numbers of Muslims. Relatively little has been done to sensitively reach out specifically to Muslims. Converts are few and have been persecuted.
  • Animistic tribal religious practices, previously in decline, may be increasing as well as infiltrating and polluting Christian faith and practice. In some dioceses, the number of pagan shrines is double that of church buildings.

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