August 15 - Pray for: Libya

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Large numbers of migrants come into Libya. Most come from Sub-Saharan Africa, but some come from North Africa and even parts of Asia. A few find work in Libya, but more cross the dangerous deserts and seas in search of a new life in Europe. In the last decade, around 1 million people have made the dangerous crossing to Italy. The current chaos in Libya gives freedom for traffickers to exploit these vulnerable people. Pray that these tens or even hundreds of thousands would find salvation, and not just earthly gain. Some of these migrants are believers; many others find Jesus in the midst of their turbulent lives. Pray that they might have a powerful spiritual impact on Libyans and on fellow migrants.


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The Christian community is growing, but is mostly foreign. Catholic and Orthodox groups dominate numerically, but Protestants and Independent groups are more active in faith and practice. The need for pastoral care is felt across almost all denominations. Pray for renewal in the churches; the opportunity is great for nominals to meet Christ, and for believers to impact others with the gospel.

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Broadcasting. Radio and satellite television provide two of the very few ways to evangelize Libyans. Three different shortwave-radio stations broadcast programmes to Libya: IBRA (over Radio Moscow), HCJB and Adventist World Radio, but only 4.5 hours/week are in Arabic. The widespread use of satellite dishes (in the majority of households) enables SAT-7 and other Christian satellite-television broadcasts to reach into homes. Pray for creative and effective programmes with the means to disciple responsive listeners, and pray for protection for those who respond.

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