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Foreign ethnic minority groups form most of the workforce. Most are men from Arab lands who leave families for work. Workers also come from Asia (India, the Philippines, Indonesia, others) to provide housework and childcare for Kuwaiti Arab families. Many feel lonely, and receive unjust treatment. Pray for God to encourage the many Christians among them, and through them bring the love of Christ into the homes and lives of Kuwaitis.


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Kuwait's material wealth has answered few problems. The government is divided between modernists and traditionalists. Islamist activity is increasing. Young people are frustrated and very bored. Materialism still holds powerful sway, since many have no greater vision about how to use their wealth for good. Pray that Kuwaiti leaders and people might embrace the Saviour.

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The Bidoon (literally "without") are stateless Arabs originally from the Kuwait region, but now adrift in the Middle East. They are present in Kuwait in significant numbers. They have no known believers and almost no ministry to them.

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Expatriate Christians have a good reputation thanks to a hundred years of medical mission history. The churches have been allowed to grow, but evangelism of Muslims is illegal; pray for greater freedom or shrewder boldness in this regard. Pray that the rich diversity of congregations would be united in making the Kingdom of God manifest, rather than merely tending to their own interests. The pastors must lead the way in this regard. Kuwait's Catholics, Orthodox, Anglicans and Protestants have formed the Fellowship of Christian Churches in Kuwait, for the purposes of working together to play a larger role in society and having a greater voice and impact therein. Advocacy on behalf of the poor and disadvantaged is a strong point of the Church's presence in Kuwait. Pray also that indigenous Kuwaiti believers might be given the chance to increasingly take the lead in ministering the gospel to the peoples of Kuwait.

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Kuwaiti Arabs are increasingly exposed to Christians via travel, business contacts and studying abroad. This is particularly so for students; Kuwaiti students abroad are being reached so effectively that many families are now sending their children to study in Egypt, UAE, etc. in order to protect them from Christian witness. Pray that Christians might take advantage of these opportunities to share and demonstrate the good news and that it might fall on open hearts prepared by the Holy Spirit. Pray also for those Kuwaitis who hear and want to respond; cultural and familial pressures prevent many from following Christ.

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