August 3 - Pray for: North Korea

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North Korea today is like a nightmare. The state creates a cult around the young “Supreme Leader” (Kim Jong-un) and his dead grandfather (Kim Il-Sung), and does not allow the people to interact with the outside world. More than 3 million people have starved to death since 1994. Foreign charities can bring food, farming technology, training, and start business ventures, but are restricted in their activites and closely watched. Pray that help will reach the desperate, hungry people. Pray that in God’s timing a change would come to completely free and transform this land.


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Access to ministry in North Korea is greater than commonly perceived. Foreign NGOs, both Korean and Western, are on site through aid and development projects. Strict limitations on ministry are in place, but the very presence of believers and the testimony of loving generosity can make a difference in many lives. There are possibly hundreds of Christians in North Korea in this capacity.

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Reunification of North and South is a wish and a prayer for most Koreans on both sides of the demilitarized zone, but on very different terms. South Korean Christians praying for unification might need to first look at unity among themselves before being truly prepared for any such prayers to be answered. If or when the two nations become one, at worst, it could be on the back of a terribly damaging war and, at best, it would require massive external assistance to relieve a failed state.

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