July 24 - Pray for: Jamaica

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Jamaica has a wonderful Christian heritage, with a rich history of sending missionaries. It has the most evangelicals and the best-resourced churches in the Caribbean. The Bible Society (Kingston) provides Bibles to most mini-states of the region with a special vision for young people. Praise God that many foreign workers entrusted leadership to national leaders, and the Jamaican Church became its own. Pray that the 15 Bible schools and seminaries, and the Keswick teaching conferences may be strongholds of biblical theology, godly lifestyle, and mission sending for the Caribbean!


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The country finds itself in the midst of moral and social collapse. Powerful South American drug cartels, using Jamaica as a transshipment point for cocaine destined for the USA, wield great influence. This fuels violence, putting Jamaica fourth globally for murders per capita. Rape and domestic abuse are widespread. As part of an anti-corruption drive, the government has invited greater participation from churches. Pray that government and church leaders may reject compromise. Pray for courage, moral integrity and determination to turn the country back to God. The National Leadership Prayer Breakfast brings church leaders together with leaders in politics, business and the security forces to address and pray for these issues.

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The less evangelized who need prayer:

  • The very poor have little exposure to the gospel except by radio. There is a large underclass, including the pseudo-orphaned "barrel children", among whom mostly Catholic and Anglican ministries work. These gospel-neglected people have little by way of moral foundations; pray for the whole gospel to touch their lives and communities.
  • The Rastafarians began as a protest movement that mixed Christian beliefs with Black consciousness ideas and deified the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selasse I. They are well known for their reggae music and use of ganja (marijuana), as well as for their non-violent "peace and love" philosophy. They have considerable influence in Jamaica and have spread to Europe and North America. In recent years, a few prominent Rastafarians have professed Christ as Saviour and become active evangelicals.

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