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Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand both have minerals, forests, and good farm land. But the people are largely poor and under-educated. Rebel groups are very active in the forest and jungle regions, and violent conflict (which can include persecution of Christians) causes problems. The Christian Church remains small here, but house churches have begun to spread. Chhattisgarh is known as “Home of the Tribals”. Pray that the light of the gospel shines into every tribal group, in both states.


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Delhi's role as capital and centre of power and finance makes it a huge influence over the entire nation. Many nationwide Christian organizations make their headquarters here. Major Christian growth in Delhi, or even revival of the Church already there, would in turn affect the rest of India. Pray for the government based in Delhi; the world's largest democracy faces many obstacles from within and without. Pray that leaders may have wisdom, even-handedness, humility, uprightness and openness to God.

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Delhi's massive population growth - spurred by immigration and rapid urbanization - has fuelled a serious crisis. The large majority of new arrivals end up living in illegal squatter colonies that grow into slums, most lacking water, electricity, sewage and legal status. Slums are often polluted and crime-ridden, and politicians usually exploit squatters' desperation as a means to garner votes by promising development or to legalize illegal settlements. Another 10 million are expected to swell the population by 2021. Urban planning, both long- and short-term, is crippled by inefficiency, corruption and constant change; the threat of major disruption and civil disorder over the severe lack of housing is very real. Pray that in this turmoil many might seek after the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray also that Christians might be moved to share and demonstrate the gospel in these slums; there are now over 3,000 of them in Delhi alone.

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In Delhi, Christians officially number over 130,000, but the informal number is as high as 400,000. There are over 3,000 churches, trebling the number in 1999. Many of these Christians are migrants; most do not regularly attend church. Pray for revival, new life and effective outreach by those who claim to be followers of Christ. Vision 2020 hopes to establish another 1,500 congregations for 1.5 million new Christians by 2020.

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