June 18 - Pray for: Iceland

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Despite Iceland's growing reputation as a paradise of rugged natural beauty and socioeconomic stability, challenges threaten to change traditional Icelandic life. Divisions come over land, where some want to conserve the environment and others want to make money from its resources. Immigration brings other faiths and cultures into a traditionally guarded society. Pray for wisdom for leaders who deal with these new challenges.


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The majority of Icelanders are Christian, but only nominally so. Biblical Christianity and a lifestyle of following Christ are alien concepts to most. Some of the more isolated areas are spiritual wastelands, with almost no active Christianity at all. Ask the Lord to break into Icelandic society and orchestrate a revival that touches every person and aspect of life.

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The Lutheran and the smaller, but similar, Free Churches are suffering the same challenges as much of Europe - declining and aging congregations, low attendance and a general lack of spiritual vitality. There is, of course, a segment of Lutherans who faithfully follow Jesus; pray that their numbers might multiply. And, there is actually a surfeit of young trainees - so much so that churches may "export" them to serve in Lutheran or Anglican congregations abroad! Pray for a surge of new life in the congregations and the leadership. Pray also for the theological faculty where all pastors are trained.

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