June 3 - Pray for: Ghana

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Ghana enjoys a rich Christian tradition! Many newer churches emerged, and many traditional denominations have a vibrant spiritual life. When churches multiply quickly, doctrines can become confused. Ghana has the blessing of many training institutions. Pray for mature leaders for the Church. 63% of Ghanaians call themselves Christian, but only about 10% attend church regularly. Traditional African practices present the greatest challenge to Christians. Pray for a clear break from all bondage to charms and the occult, and pray for true liberty in Jesus.


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Young people remain key in the efforts to bring revival to Ghana. Much of the population is under age 15, but specific efforts to reach them are insufficient, despite their spiritual openness. This is particularly the case outside the major cities. In the villages, Islam and African traditional religions tend to hold sway. Pray for the impact of SU in secondary schools; GHAFES(IFES) (10 workers), Navigators and Cru in universities and colleges; and CEF among young children. Pray for the conversion and discipleship of a new generation of Christians who will make an impact in the religious, cultural, political and economic life of Ghana.

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Islam has set out to conquer Ghana and is making serious headway. The number of Muslims has grown significantly through birthrates, immigration and conversion (especially Muslim men marrying non-Muslim women). Now, the majority of Muslims live in the seven non-Muslim southern regions. Mosques are springing up everywhere, and Islam is becoming a dominant force in the political scene. Education is one area of Islamic attention: founding Islamic educational institutions in Ghana and offering scholarships for promising young Ghanaians to study abroad in Muslim countries. In Muslim areas, religious tension and persecution of non-Muslims are increasing. Despite this, significant numbers of Muslims, including imams, are finding Christ as their Saviour. Pray for loving witness by believers and for the Holy Spirit to win many more Muslims to Jesus.

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Specific groups for prayer:

  • Trokosi (girls enslaved by fetish priests) number as many as 20,000, mostly in the Ewe and Dangme peoples, as a part of traditional religious practice. It was made illegal in 1998. Several ministries to trokosi women see great responsiveness to the freedom offered in Christ (Every Child, International Needs). Great courage and faith are required to openly oppose this practice, since fetish priests wield significant spiritual power.
  • Street children number over 60,000 in the Greater Accra region alone. A host of ministries work with these needy children, who usually are abandoned or orphaned.

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