May 18 - Pray for: Estonia

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Estonia found political and economic success after the time of Soviet domination (1940-1988). Poverty remains a problem, and greed for material possessions grows as the economy grows. Estonia faces a crisis of values as the people become more and more secular in their attitudes. Pray for a wise and upright government to model righteousness and biblical values.


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Religious freedom is an open door to Christian ministry but also to theological error. Many marginal Christian sects are increasing in number and influence - Mormons have more missionaries in Estonia than any Christian agency has there. While actual practitioners are few, a recent poll showed 11% of Estonians expressed warmest feelings toward pre-Christian pagan religions. Pray for the truth and light of Christ to be established in this new marketplace of religious options.

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Despite a Protestant heritage, genuine faith in Estonia is rare. Many have limited Christian belief, but very few follow Jesus in any meaningful way. Most of the population need to be re-evangelized. Young people have little to equip them against the predations of post-Christian values, since the traditional Christian confessions are weak and in decline. Pray for a new vision for evangelism and revival to reawaken the nominal majority.

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Unity in the Church is a potentially powerful witness to a cynical population. The Estonian Evangelical Alliance seeks to foster unity in diversity among many denominations through fellowship and prayer events. Pray that all of Christ's faithful would demonstrate Christ's love for one another.

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Ministry to minorities. Specific outreach is needed for the large Russian population, with whom reconciliation is still a point for prayer. Pray also for the gospel to be shared with the Tatar Muslims, the Jews and the growing minority groups in Estonia.

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