May 8 - Pray for: Denmark

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Denmark retains a core of Christian traditions and values in its social laws and values. And Danes began to show more openness to spiritual things in recent years. But over half the population is agnostic or atheist by some reports. And many people’s spiritual search does not lead them to Christian faith and the Church. Pray that more Danes will rediscover the faith that shaped so much of the nation’s history and society.


Immigrants to Denmark

  • Christian immigrants. Guest workers and refugees may prove to be a significant force for spiritual and mission renewal in Denmark, since many of these migrants are Christian. Over 150 new churches of migrants have been established over the last few years, and it is estimated that one-third of people in church on a given Sunday attend a foreign-run congregation. Pray that Danish Christians will receive this new missionary gift - and that this young Christian migrant community will be effective in its mission in Denmark.
  • Unevangelized immigrants. Tens of thousands of Turks, Arabs, Pakistanis, Iranians, Chinese and others have recently settled in Denmark. Many of them are open to the gospel but have never heard it. Pray for ministries to reach out with cultural sensitivity and in effective ways - and to plant churches that can incorporate these minority groups.
  • Islamic relations. The infamous "cartoon riots" of 2006 revealed a nation dealing with crucial issues of free speech, religious fault lines and intercommunity relations. At the time, Muslims numbered only 4% of the population, but they receive 40% of the social welfare. Their integration into society and the workforce is a major challenge. This in turn has shifted the nation from having one of Europe's most liberal immigration policies to having one of its toughest. Pray for Danes and others to display uncompromising Christian love to Muslims in Denmark.

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