April 30 - Pray for: Cook Islands

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The strong Christian legacy of over 150 years - bordering on theocracy on some islands - is fading rapidly. Increasing numbers are nominal or even non-religious, and Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses are the fastest growing groups. Pray for reversal of these trends and for new life to come to the mainline Churches.


Migration to New Zealand for employment creates another means of bringing new life into the islands. Around 90% of Niueans, 75% of Tokelauans and over 67% of Cook Islanders now live in New Zealand. Pray for those who remain, that despair and decline would not take hold, but that there would instead be a renaissance of Island culture. Pray for the Island churches in Auckland and other New Zealand cities, for new life there and for those finding it to bring it back to their homelands.

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