April 1 - Pray for: Central African Republic

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The CAR was one of the world’s most evangelized nations, but the upheavals here and in nearby Chad and Sudan mean the progress in some regions has reversed. Pray for all CAR denominations to send students for missionary training. Pray that those with training would resist the draw to serve as a city pastor and instead go to the unreached. Pray especially for the northern region, for the Runga (90% Muslim), the Sara Kaba (50% Animist), and the Gula/Kara (65% Muslim). Muslims grew rapidly in influence, especially in the cities. Few Christians feel equipped to reach out to them.


Christian media and help ministries:

  • Christian Radio. With several new Christian radio stations - Voix de la Grace/Radio ESCA (Grace Brethren), Radio Evangile Néhémie (Ambassade Chrétienne), Radio Notre Dame (Catholic) and ICDI community radio (HCJB) - the gospel is going out to potentially millions every week. Several languages are broadcast several hours a day. Pray for proper coordination of Christian radio programmes and training of administrators to ensure effective ministry.
  • Christian literature is increasing. More than five new literature depots in the country make material available to more than 30% of the population each year. Pray for ACATBA, a national literacy programme, for World Missionary Press, and for oral evangelism work by local groups such as Evangelists without Borders.
  • The JESUS film has been widely shown in French, Sango, Gbaya (NW), Fulfulde and Zande. Pray for Cru to achieve further progress; pray also for translators for other languages.
  • GRN has recordings available in 34 languages and counting. Audio resources are treasured in this poor country with widespread illiteracy; pray for wider distribution of these materials.
  • The business, academic and professional elite. Pray for progress in evangelism among these influential groups. Haggai Institute, Operation Africa and others are reaching out to them.

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