March 12 - Pray for: Bolivia

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Evangelical Christians grew greatly in number and in influence, but face challenges. Some follow false teachings or fail morally without good discipleship and Bible knowledge. Ask God to set apart thousands of new leaders for His use. Evangelicals must help lead Bolivia’s battle against poverty, injustice, and evil by allowing Kingdom values to guide their words and deeds. Such believers have potential to greatly impact a nation in need of moral clarity and compassionate work among the poor.


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The Catholic Church is confronted by multiple crises. Its long-held political supremacy is rapidly declining as is its share of Bolivia's population. Large losses to faith groups provoke local discrimination and pressure against non-Catholics. It has failed to develop an indigenous clergy and to challenge the rampant paganism within the majority it claims to shepherd. Pray that the millions of nominal and Christo-pagan Catholics might come to a living faith in Christ.

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Bible translation and distribution. The Bible Society has been and remains instrumental in all aspects of this vital ministry. Over one million NTs have been distributed in schools. The Aymara and Quechua Bibles are in great demand, but without effective literacy programmes, their impact is blunted. Nearly every Amerindian language that warrants translation work has received it; SIL, The Bible Society and the Catholics have been instrumental in this. Pray for a powerful impact of God's Word on all groups in Bolivia.

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Christian media ministry:

  • TV and radio have a massive role to play, since a radio is a vital possession to every family. Listenership of local radio stations is increasing. There are now 11 local evangelical stations, including Ekklesia, Musoj Chaski radio in Quechua (launched by NTM, SIM, Pioneers) and others. International stations (HCJB, TWR, others) broadcast daily in Spanish, and HCJB especially in Quechua and Aymara. Pray for this vital medium in a country where all other media are restricted in impact by illiteracy, poverty and isolation.
  • The JESUS film, was widely used with considerable impact in Spanish, Aymara and Quechua, and has been seen by a high proportion of the population. Pray for new materials with similar impact.

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