Pray for: Switzerland

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Key Stats

Religion & Geography
Category Statistic
Continent: Europe
Capital: Bern (admin); Lausanne (judical)
Population: 8,851,431
% Urban: 74 %
Population Under 15 Yrs: 14.9 %
Official Language: German, French, Italian, Romansh
Languages: 26
Literacy Rate: 100 %
Life Expectancy: 84 yrs (6/236)
HDI Ranking: 1 / 189
% Christian: 75.8 %
% Evangelical: 4.4 %
Largest Religion: Christian
% Largest Religion: 75.8 %
People Groups: 48
Least Reached People Groups: 10
% Unevangelized: 4 %


Title: Switzerland

Tier: 1

Type: country

Renewed vision for evangelicals is bubbling up. The Swiss Evangelical Alliance, Free Churches and other agencies are working on a renewed vision for the evangelization of Switzerland. Most Christian non-profit groups have united as a more audible voice within society regarding religious freedom, evangelism and mission, aid and social responsibility, environmental issues, media, youth and others. While church planting remains an important goal, they see renewal and Christian testimony within society as equally important. Pray for increasing numbers of congregations as well as for renewal of many existing ones. Pray for newer groups, such as the International Christian Fellowship (ICF) and the house church movement, that are reaching people outside of traditional church structures.

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