Pray for: Tuvalu

Flag for Tuvalu

Key Stats

Religion & Geography
Category Statistic
Continent: Pacific
Capital: Funafuti
Population: 11,478
% Urban: 64.8 %
Official Language: Tuvaluan, English
Languages: 2
Literacy Rate: 95 %
Life Expectancy: 64.5 yrs (194/236)
HDI Ranking: 130 / 189
% Christian: 97.7 %
% Evangelical: 17.8 %
Largest Religion: Christian
% Largest Religion: 97.7 %
People Groups: 2
% Unevangelized: 1 %


Title: Tuvalu

Tier: 1

Type: country

Tuvalu faces an uncertain future. Very limited resources, possible rising sea levels and modern/global external influences make this traditional culture fragile, both environmentally and socially. Pray that wisdom would prevail in preserving Tuvalu as a nation and culture, and that the long-standing presence of the Church would play a major role in this.

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