Pray for: Tunisia

Flag for Tunisia

Key Stats

Religion & Geography
Category Statistic
Continent: Africa
Capital: Tunis
Population: 12,564,689
% Urban: 69.9 %
Population Under 15 Yrs: 24.2 %
Official Language: Arabic. French widely used but declining as English increases
Languages: 10
Literacy Rate: 79 %
Life Expectancy: 73.8 yrs (111/236)
HDI Ranking: 97 / 189
% Christian: 0.2 %
% Evangelical: 0 %
Largest Religion: Muslim
% Largest Religion: 99.4 %
People Groups: 15
Least Reached People Groups: 12
% Unevangelized: 60 %
Persecution Ranking: 36 / 50


Title: Tunisia

Tier: 1

Type: country

The Arab Spring began in Tunisia (December 2010). The country had one of the most progressive and open societies in the Arab world, but Tunisians felt frustrated by high unemployment, corruption, political oppression, and poor living conditions. Protests led to government changes, and inspired similar protests across the whole Arab world. However, continued economic decline and unemployment, the increasing presence of Islamic fundamentalism, and a heavy-handed Prime Minister (who rewrote the constitution to give himself more power) all serve to rob Tunisians of confidence in their country’s future. Pray that the travails of Tunisia might somehow draw people towards Christ. 

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