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Key Stats

Religion & Geography
Category Statistic
Continent: Pacific
Capital: Apia
Population: 228,966
% Urban: 17.7 %
Population Under 15 Yrs: 37.9 %
Official Language: Samoan; English
Languages: 2
Literacy Rate: 99 %
Life Expectancy: 72.8 yrs (124/236)
HDI Ranking: 111 / 189
% Christian: 96.6 %
% Evangelical: 18 %
Largest Religion: Christian
% Largest Religion: 96.6 %
People Groups: 5
% Unevangelized: 0 %


Title: Samoa

Tier: 1

Type: country

Samoans have been Christian for over a century, and every village has at least one church. But the traditional class structure and pre-Christian cultural standards were not necessarily transformed by the gospel. Much of the Church suffers from nominalism, and rivalry among denominations does not generate a good spiritual atmosphere. Pride and politics influence church life too much, and the financial demands on a poorer population are heavy. These, coupled with the modern challenges of domestic strife and imported moral vice, make for a society in need of prayer.

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